Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Been a little while hasn’t it? There are a few problems regarding work at the moment which I cannot go into at the moment, when the time is right there will be details.
Until then, here is one of the Ultimate Reader’s advisor tools. The Book-A-Minute!

Monday, January 01, 2007

I hope everybody had a great Christmas/New Year season. Mine was pretty good, aside from our town being hit by storms and flooding our backyard, and having problems with the electrics in the house, because the storm soaked though our roof. Electrician will be called ASAP but until he can check it out and give us the OK, we are relying on candlelight. This is kinda romantic for myself and my fiancee, but the kids get a little scared with the lack of light.
Work wise, things have been quiet. I have had a break from library-work from the 24th December until tomorrow. Then its back in full swing to the grind of the public library. I’m thinking about moving on to something more stable though. Our library service has gone through a lot of upheaval in the last year, and it is no longer an enjoyable place to work. I was planning to hang in there until things improved, but I see it is currently on such a downward spiral that it is not going to happen soon, or at all.
Hence, I am looking for library work in another, ideally Fedrally funded agency. This will help me financially much more than the public library does.
It is just not worth struggling in a job I no longer enjoy. Hopefully I can grab something full time at a better place soon.

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