Friday, November 02, 2007

Well for all my millions of readers, (Hi Frank!) :) ) I thought it was about time I posted here again. I have not gotten back into the public library services, but have instead secured a position (for at least the next twelve months) as a sentencer for a records management company.

What's a sentencer?

That's exactly what I thought when I turned up for my first day about three weeks ago. Basically, what I do is take the boxes of records sent to us by our clients, examine them (the boxes that is, not the clients), and classify what the documents are using a handy guide, or five. When I have a good idea what the item is, I can reference it in the guide, which tells me how long it must legally be retained. Examining the date of the record and this new piece of information, I can determine if it must be stored here, destroyed or archived at the State Archives. I also do a heap of data entry to a database.

So the Librarydude is still here, and while I have no study, (until next February), I am going to try and update more often on library/records management issues.

And learn how to make Blogger blogs look pretty...

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