Saturday, September 18, 2004

Graphic Novels as Literature

Our lovely local Library (which has been kind enough to employ me), has recently embarked on a great Graphic Novel buying spree. After all the comments, surveys, suggestions and purchase request forms filled out (some by me), our accuisitions section has decided that Graphic Novels (or what they call Graphic Novels, but which are really mostly Trade Paperbacks) are a useful and regularly borrowed type of material.

For more info on Graphic Novels/Trade Paperbacks check out Graphic Novels 101

I have always considered comics as a form of literature, and have never understood the impression that some people have of them. For those who blindly say "Oh It's all for kids!", let them read Preacher, Watchmen, Maus and even recent Marvel and DC titles such as Amazing Spider-Man and Green Lantern. (The Hate Crimes story arc in Green Lantern a while back was a very very good piece of writing)

A couple of good sites for Comic reviews and releases are No Flying, No Tights and The Comics Get Serious

To go with my last entry and DDC. I found this link to a short article entitled Why Dewey's Decimal System Is Prejudiced.

For those who don't mind a more in depth and complex article, look at Mapping Beyond Dewey's Boundaries

I am back! And I'm going to make the following bold statement:

I am going to learn how to use The Library Of Congress Classification System.
(Bold Statement. Geddit???)

Anyway I've never really understood LC. Having grown up with the logically arranged Dewey Decimal system, I much prefer Dewey. But in my quest to actually know what I'm doing at work, learning LC seems like a good thing to do.

I'm also planning to learn how to write in HTML correctly. Because all the net publishing I have done to this point has been through Blogger and LiveJournal, I have never really needed to know too many HTML tags to publish stuff. A collegue of mine has a webpage that he wrote from scratch using HTML. I'd like to know how to do that. Can't be too hard can it?
More later....

Friday, September 17, 2004

Ok then. I have returned to Blogger. I originally started this blog a while back (almost a year to be exact) to chronicle my Library related work, comments and ideas. Didn't do very well did I? I navigated over to Livejournal, where my personal journal is. Unfortunately, I can't use the Librarydude as a name over there so I will resume writing in this Blog instead of creating a new work related Livejournal.

One reason I remain with Blogger, (after the fact that it now has a comment facility) is that The Librarydude has been listed as a site on many Library related Blogs, lists and Journals. (I'm thinking of The Rabid Librarian, and Open Stacks in particular)

Hmm Been a while. Maybe I'll return to this old haunt of mine......

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